It’s All About Cake

Tomorrow is my youngest sons birthday. Every year we have a routine (or is it a tradition?) of making whatever the person wants or is their favorite food for their birthday dinner. I just watched and listened to my hubby have a conversation that went something like this about what our son wants, he’s turning 4:

Hubby: What do you want for dinner on your birthday?

Son: Cake and green water guns.

Hubby: No son, to eat for dinner.

Son: Chocolate cake.

Hubby: No I mean for dinner.

Son: I want cake.

Hubby: sigh. Well you have to eat something other than cake for your birthday.

Son. I want chocolate cake.

Bats: Hun, he doesn’t understand the concept of something other than cake for a birthday.

Hubby: Sure he does.

Okay I’m with my son on the cake situation. He knows a great thing when it comes to birthdays, cake. I personally love cake and well I want chocolate cake on my birthday as well. My inlaws are coming for his birthday though so unfortunately we have to pretend that we eat things other than cake. LOL

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15 thoughts on “It’s All About Cake

  1. Yes he does have focus like a Jedi Knight when it comes to cake and hey I’m all about cake! Cake and water guns sounds like a great time to me!

  2. If for some unexplained reason, you and your husband begin giving your 4 year old lots of cakes and green water guns on a weekly basis, you may want to consult Yoda and find out if he has been using Jedi Tricks on you both to get his way, hmmm, ya know, like Jedi Parental Mind Control.

    The only thing missing was Ice Cream. Then again, maybe the Ice Cream was going to be for Desert, after the Cake Dinner had been consumed.

    Happy Birthday!

  3. My diet could make the most health conscious person alive diabetic. I once thought it necessary to live off doritos and M&M’s alone. How I have no health problems from that, I have no clue.

  4. I never knew I had a problem until I suddenly came down with pancreatitis. And it wasn’t until after I awoke from a three week long coma during my second hospitalization for it, that the VA docs finally blamed it all on my diet, as opposed to my being the alcoholic they thought I was (I very rarely drink!).

    But I should have known better. There is a lot of diabetes in my family history. But the paranoid in me also wonders about those commercials claiming that people can sue for medication-induced diabetes. I was taking at least one of those meds prior to my troubles. It’s hard to know, since the VA only uses generics and the commercials refer to brand names.

    I guess you can’t be too careful these days. But at the same time, there’s no way you can ever be sure. So I just try to eat what I want, but with much better moderation.

  5. Speaking of being careful, I signed up for these gov recall notifications… Man are they scary! I keep saying that I’m going to opt out of them, but I just can’t bring myself to do it. 😯

  6. My neighbor came to me a couple of weeks ago (his daughters my daughters best friend) saying how he went to the doctor because he just hadn’t been feeling good for a long time, they told him he was either an alcoholic or diabetic. He NEVER drinks and he thought that since he used splenda in all his ice tea and food that he couldn’t be diabetic. Blood work comes back and his blood sugar was at 304. I’m shocked he could even walk around or cut the grass, he’s a sahd and thankfully he never went into a diabetic coma while he was home with his children alone. My dad’s diabetic, my mil is borderline, so far I have been lucky that whenever I test my blood I’m in the normal range.
    I think right long with being careful, we learn moderation as we get older. As much as I joke about my diet, I still enjoy a good salad everyday. I think it’s interesting that they thought you were an alcoholic and same with my neighbor.

  7. You’re not suppose to read the recalls! LOL Everything is recalled, everything. Children car seats are recalled so much it makes me wonder how safe they really are. But it’s a law so I use them but they seem like if I needed to get my kids out of the car like now, they’d be trapped.

  8. I think that the docs and the gov are so afraid of looking bad (or being sued) that that they either do nothing to rock the boat, or go to the extremes in warning us about every little thing that might hurt us. Neither approach is very helpful.

    On the pancreatitis/diabetes thing, I don’t think that that are anywhere near to a real understanding about these things. I recently saw a thing on TV about how a bunch of people who had gotten stomach bypasses had also had their diabetes disappear as well. They all seemed to think that it had more to do with what was bypassed as opposed to any change in their diets. As you might expect, I’m still looking for more on this.

    BTW, how did you get the neat little Blogexplosion gadget? I join but I can’t figure out what to do next.

  9. Blog Explosion…on your left sidebar under the member area there is a place to click refer back to us, it looks like this:

    My Referrals
    Referral banners
    Link back to us

    You get the banner or button from under link back to us and then just paste it into a text widget. The one thing about blog explosion was it took forever for them to approve my blog but once it’s approved it’s cool. I like to read blogs, I don’t enjoy facebook or other things like that but I enjoy surfing blogs so BE is great for that and it’s great for the stats. The only drawback I have found is that I can’t post a comment to most of the blogs on there for some reason.

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