A 4th That Was More Than

This year July 4th was special for me, I think I’m getting sentimental in my older years. I was so happy to spend this year not only with my immediate family but also with my oldest son. He’s a fabulous person and I wish he would come up more but I take what I can get and enjoy it to the fullest. Yesterday was a little rocky on the homefront with hubby but we got through it with nothing being sad to hurt each others feelings and it ended up being a great day. We started out with grass cutting, weed wacking and figuring out that my oldest son is well….some what lazy. We then moved on to pool time and I love watching the kids in the pool, every time they get in they learn to swim even better than the day before. We then barbequed some shrimp and steaks and well okay that was so delicious. And after dishes and running around like chickens with our head cut off we were finally ready to leave to go see the fireworks. Of course we thought it would take an hour and a half to find parking so we left way to early, we got lucky with parking and ended up getting the last spot near the park. We set up with our blankets, took our shoes and socks off and played some hackey sack (sp?) and I busted out the Philadelphia Eagles football that I was saving just for this occassion. My oldest son is an incredible player but with no self esteem he just won’t apply himself and go out for the team at school, I’m badgering him about it though and hope he’ll just agree to get me to shut up. Watching him throw that ball made me warm and fuzzy inside and I think if he just try the team at school, he’d love it! My youngest son runs faster and faster everyday and my daughter gets more beautiful with each passing hour. Then came the fireworks, which were great! I’ve seen better but I was happy to see them anyways. I made sure I took a picture of them and texted my Dad. He’s a Vietnam veteran and I wanted to make sure someone thanked him for his service to our country. See I told you I was getting sentimental. After we finally were able to get home we lit off one final firework and played freeze tag, we were going to play hide and seek or ghost in the graveyard but with our glow necklaces, it was hard to hide and way to easy to seek. I know, why not take them off but we weren’t that smart but that time at night. LOL! The littlest ones were dragged off to bed at midnight and the three of us stayed awake until about 2am playing in the pool. It was a fabulous day and I am thankful for it, and I am thankful for enjoying it sober, completely 100% sober. I hope that everyone was lucky enough to have a day as great as mine.

One last thought….there were bats at the park, they were chilling in the top of the tree and occassionally flying out and freaking people out! What a day!

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