Keep It Simple Saturday~Freedom

American HolidayToday is a wonderful day to reflect on our simple joys we have as Americans because of our Freedom, it’s a wonderful day to say a simple thank you to the men and women who help keep our Freedom available for us.  Today should be all about our gratitude to be free….

1.) walking~not all of us on this beautiful planet can just go out and walk.  We enjoy walking with our children, dogs, friends and family and we know that we are safe, that we don’t have to worry that at any moment a bomb could fall out of the sky and plummet us to our deaths.
2.) music~I am thankful that I can choose which music comes out of the speakers for me to enjoy, if I don’t like it I can either turn it off or change the channel. Not everyone in this world enjoys that luxury.
3.) food~I get choose what to eat, when to eat and how to eat it. I love food in this beautiful country! I’ll be enjoying steak and shrimp tonight. ~insert cheesey grin here~
4.) books~I can not forget to mention that we are allowed to read, not to read and choose what we want to read, we aren’t forced to read anything and we aren’t censored in what we are allowed to read.
5.) clothes~as a woman this is a major freedom for me, I’m allowed to dress how I want, when I want and I don’t have to cover every part of me up. I am free to show my beauty everyday of my life.

Looking back at my list these all seem so simple to me but to others in the world these would be major things to enjoy. Sigh…how I wish everyone on this planet could enjoy Freedom the same as we can here in America. Thank you to those out there that help keep my Freedom in check, it’s appreciated more than you know. Please everyone let me know in a comment of the freedoms that you cherish. Happy 4th of July everyone!

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