It’s Friday & I’m So Excited

I am so excited. In a few hours I get to pick up my son who doesn’t live with me and get to enjoy his company for the next couple of days. It’s been a long time since he’s visited and I have missed his smarty pants ways. It’s good also because otherwise his life consist of video games, eating and sleeping, wait also texting with his friends. He’s going to be 15 here in the next couple of weeks, so hard to believe that! My youngest son turns 4 just a couple days before my oldest son turns 15. I like how they share the same birthday month.

So the plan for this weekend is, relaxing, good food, pool time, and watching fireworks. I love fireworks, I look forward to the 4th every year. I can not think of a year where the 4th was a flop for us, it’s always been fun even in my drinking days. I think this is probably one holiday I didn’t get so blitzed that I made a fool out of myself, probably because I couldn’t drink to my hearts content because we would have to go out to see the fire works and although I enjoyed a good buzz to enter into the world of society, I wouldn’t get smashed until after we got home. There’s nothing like a good beer buzz to enjoy people and place but to be drunk in public just wasn’t my style, maybe this is why I have isolated myself so much so. Yup I’m confident that’s why I’m pretty much a recluse now.

But these aren’t things that I want to think about today, mainly because alcohol and drugs are the reason my son doesn’t live with me. It’s quite a painful thing to think of so, none of that today. Plus I need to start getting ready to go and pick him up. I have to get the kids fed and dress, and the same for myself and hubby, plus I need to clean the bathroom so it’s not such a mess when he needs to use it.

I am so excited!

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