I Was in a Groove Until IE Crashed

I am up this morning early, went to bed last night about 10pm.  My hubby came to me about 7pm last night said he was going over to a friends house for a party and didn’t think he would be home until the sun came up so since I was exhausted at 10, I thought it was a great night to get some extra sleep.  At about 12:30am he wakes me, scares the living crap out of me since I didn’t know it was him and thought it was some nut trying to steal stuff again.  That would be funny,  tap, tap, on my shoulder…the thief saying, “hey I don’t mean to disturb you but where do you keep the good stuff?”  LOL!  Anyway, he lets me know that he’s home because the hosts of the party weren’t getting along and they were arguing pretty badly and well my hubby hates negative vibes, he goes out of his way to stay away from anything that can bring his own good mood down well he doesn’t mind being around me but that’s because I’m the mother of his children among other reasons.  He says, “I’ve got the movie with Vin Diesel on it.”  and walks off.  Now on regular occassions this would’ve brought me to my feet and I would’ve been planted in front of the tv for two hours but on this night my mind just thought, “Where did he get a bootleg copy of that?”  and back to lala over the rainbow land I went.  That was short lived though because an hour later my body felt restless and itchy, so I was up every hour after that, hence I’m out of bed before anyone else but the great part is I’m out of bed before the kids so I can get on here, post, read, comment without anyone repeating my name a hundred times an hour.

NOTE~While writing this post IE crashed on me and I couldn’t reopen it.  It has taken me close to 2 hours to fix the problem so I’m pissy and no longer feel like writing.  GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

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2 thoughts on “I Was in a Groove Until IE Crashed

  1. IE has some problems lately. Sometimes going to BlogSpot Blogs a crazy error message pops up and then aborts the mission.

    Hmm, maybe you have the IE-8 already, maybe it has internet bugs in it. I’m still running on IE-7.

    Maybe installing bright flood lights and outside recordings of bombs going of, might help to keep away the thieves from waking you up at night, and asking you where the good stuff is.

  2. I HAD IE7, I don’t know what happened but it crashed completely so I had to download 8 in order to have IE at all which normally I’m happy with and didn’t get why everyone was thinking Safari was better. Good though I had Safari on my computer so I could download IE8 or I would’ve been stuck with no internet connection from this computer.
    Okay the recording of the bombs going off is or best idea yet! I’d pay to see how any thief would respond to something like that!

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