Keep It Simple Saturday

Too many times while trying to get or stay sober I forget how much life really does mean to me. I also forget life, true happy simple life while I am in the throws of a major Bipolar moment. On Saturdays I decided to keep it simple and post 5 things that I have gratitude for. Please join in if you get the itching to….

1.) coffee~the smell of coffee brewing in the morning lets my heart start beating and prepares me for getting out of bed.
2.) the sun~I enjoy sitting on my back deck each morning and feeling the sun shine down upon my face and it goes quite nicely with that cup of coffee.
3.) the sound of pitter patter across the hall, this means that my son is going to wake up my daughter and although she’s going to get annoyed with it, I love the pitter patter because I have them.
4.) bread~for making peanut butter toast in the morning. Okay actually I have gratitude for all food that we have in our house.
5.) my pumpkin plants~although I am going to have to go out there and weed quite a lot today, I’m so happy that each year we have the land to plant them and they are ready each year for Halloween.

So that’s my list for today and I know all of you are probably thinking, “she didn’t put sobriety on there.” No I didn’t put it on there today but I also didn’t drink last night and just didn’t feel the need to put it on my list today, maybe next week I will. Last night all I did was laundry, read,toss and turn. Nothing huge happened and I found it to be an easy night to stay sober. I’m thinking my medication is starting to work but oh damn those side effects kick me in the rear. So I am on to my 7th day sober.

I’d love to hear what others come up with for there Keep It Simple Saturday gratitude list so please feel free to leave a comment.

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