It’s Friday & I Didn’t Know It

Strange huh, that I didn’t know? Which means I didn’t think about drinking, I didn’t plan on drinking, and I don’t even want to drink.

I spent a good hour online looking for a job, but alas there isn’t any around here…this seems to be a trend for around here since I’ve been looking now for about 4 months. There’s just nothing. My FIL told me about the website his friend handles called, ( ) but still nothing. I’m afraid I am never going to be able to find work, and we really need an extra income right now because the savings is just about gone and where did it go? To pay for the house. I’m not going to think about that just right at this minute because that could bring forth thoughts of alcohol that I don’t want to have. My hubby is of course playing cards tonight so I have to figure out something to do so I am not bored, right now the only thing I have planned is the dishes and laundry. Exciting right?

The point here is that I don’t want a drink. And that’s huge progress.  I also haven’t had a drink in 6 days/nights and that’s enormous progress.  Lets see how many days I can go without a drink.

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2 thoughts on “It’s Friday & I Didn’t Know It

  1. Hi Bats0711,

    Not knowing that it is Friday, hmm? Yea, I can certainly relate to that one.

    Sometimes the days are so much alike, that they just blend together into what feels like one really long day that seems to last for an eternity.

    Since it is your husbands poker night, you could go to your DVD collection, and pick out a couple of your favorite movies to watch tonight. Like maybe, Titanic, or Pearl Harbor.

    That way, you could get all focused into what is happening in the movies, and forget about any alcohol temptations.

    Good luck.

    • I think I was thrown off track because I have no clue where Wednesday went. I’m not sure about movie night, I looked and there’s no popcorn! AH! I’ll have to see what kind of movies I have. great idea, thanks!

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