What is Wrong With People?

Health Insurance Associate: Hello how may I help you?

Bats: A couple questions about our coverage and payment.

Giving of information like account # and birthday, address and zip code; just to verify I am who they are talking with.

Health Insurance Associate: Okay I have your account here, what can I answer for you?

Bats: It’s taken me a little longer to get the money together than I thought it would for the insurance, I’d like to pay the bill.

Health Insurance Associate: Okay that’s great. The least we can take today is $1089. Looking at your account we need the payment by closing today, if not I can’t guarentee your insurance.

Bats: Okay well lets take care of it then. Do you accept checks over the phone?

Health Insurance Associate: No.

Bats: Well that’s fine, I’d like to use Visa then.

Health Insurance Associate: No, we don’t accept payments over the phone.

Bats: Okay, well what’s the web address and I’ll do it that way.

Health Insurance Associate: No that won’t work because it will take atleast 3 days for it to clear your account and by then we will have terminated your insurance.

Bats: Hmmmmmmmmmm so what’s my option here? What are you trying to say?

Health Insurance Associate: Your only option is to over night the check to us and hopefully the insurance won’t get cancelled.

Bats: Hopefully?

Health Insurance Associate: Maybe?

Bats: Maybe? Come on now this is my health insurance that we are paying astronomical prices for, I need more of a reassurance you all are going to work with me.

Health Insurance Associate: It could be cancelled or maybe not, I guess it depends on when we get it.

Bats: Huh??????? So if it’s post marked….

Health Insurance Associate: No the post mark has nothing to do with this.

Bats: Huh?????

Health Insurance Associate: I see here that you went to see the doctors on the 18th, and since you hadn’t paid on this account I can not promise that doctors visit is going to be covered.

Bats: So maybe it might be? Maybe it could be? Maybe is such a loaded word in a circumstance like this.

Health Insurance Associate: Look your only option at this time is to over night a payment and we’ll see what we are going to do.

Bats: Okay so I over night my payment, pay $20 bucks for that, you all are still or maybe going to cancel us but I will still get my $1000 back?

Health Insurance Associate: Exactly.

Sigh….what is wrong with people? SO now it looks as if I don’t have health insurance so I’m taking this damn medicine and am going to have to withdraw from it and that’s probably worst than side effects. I need a break.

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2 thoughts on “What is Wrong With People?

  1. Hi Bats0711,

    Your ordeal with your health insurance company sounded very creepy.

    By creepy, I mean they sounded like they don’t give a rip about your health, and that they are only concerned with getting more of your money.

    The Pharmaceutical Companies and doctors do not really want people to get healed.

    They want the people to stay dependent upon their continuing flow of medications for life, that way, they can continue to be the most profitable industry on the planet, next to OIL.

    Just the other day I listened to a Female Doctor being interviewed on The Tamar Yonah Show.

    She Exposed the corrupt Pharmaceutical Companies and much much more.

    Here is the link if you should decide to listen to it. Its free and it was pretty interesting.


    • I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that the oil and drug companies are just out for their moolah, they don’t give a rats ass if we can actually afford it. Unfortunately in this family, we have to buy gas and I need the medication. I feel like a fucking puppet to them.

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