Just Something on the Side~Updated

Ugh…side effects are ruining my night. I sware I have never been so itchy or hot. UGH. I’ll update in a bit or in the morning. But as of right now, this sucks! Sorry I have no other words for it.

Update~I’ve decided that the mornings are my best time and the evenings I should lock myself away. Today I have to up two of the medications, the tegretol and trilofon. Does that mean the side effects are going to double and I’m going to be an itchy, sweating werido? I’m sticking with it though, trying to atleast, nothing can be worst then my bipolarized alcoholic mess that I turn into while I am taking nothing. I spoke with my Dad last night and he suggested that taking the Lithium would probably be best for me and not to rely on what goes on with my mother because half the time he’s not so sure if she is taking it. He would rather I try the Lithium than the Tegretol because my brother had an allergic reaction to Tegretol when he was a teen. I go back to the doctor on the 30th, I think and if I’m still being bothered with the side effects of this medication than I’ll give it a go. I’m wondering if the evenings aren’t good because of the level of all the meds reachs a low, so maybe by uping them my evenings will be better. I guess I shall see.

Other than that, I’m enjoying a great cup of coffee, watching the dog pace, listening to MTV, and listening to the kids argue about something I’ve decided to tune out for the time being. Today is my Mother in Law’s birthday and I know what she wanted as a gift, which is something I am not going to give up…she wants me to quit smoking and well I just don’t want to damn it. 😉 I don’t know, I’ve been smoking for 22 years and I sware thinks I should beable to just not smoke a cigarette. It’s not that simple for me, I enjoy smoking, I want to smoke. SO she’ll be very disappointed when I call her and she asks if I quit and my reply is a simple No.

My hubby wants us all to go to MVA to pay for tags for the car my inlaws gave us so I have to close for now. MVA should be a riot.
Thanks for reading everyone! It helps more than you know.

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