3 thoughts on “Blood Shed on the Streets of Iran ~Graphic~

  1. People of the world are watching, my heart aches for all of you everyday. The struggle to be free comes at an enormous price because we all know that freedom isn’t free. We can only hope that when any of us are forced to make the correct decisions in our lifetime that we will have the courage that anyone of these young, strong, determined, brave people have chosen. God bless you all and know that I will continue to pray for your victory and safety.

    • Yes, we all are watching and I know for myself, I feel helpless but then think what if they don’t want our help. Hopefully soon the blood shed part of all this will stop.

  2. The people of Iran are angry about their corrupt fixed presidential elections.

    I feel for those folks, I know how they feel.

    We here in America have had our presidential elections rigged and fixed for years.

    The people no longer elect a president, they are all put into power by the corrupt elite at the top of the politically corrupt chain of command.

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