I HATE Thieves!

Last night sometime between 11pm and 1am, some loser decided they would ran sack a shed we have in our back yard. We have a huge shed back there that we keep fishing supplies, power tools, our poker table and chips, coolers and some other articles that because of personal reasons I don’t want to mention. Well thieves decided that last night would be a great time to violate our personal space and go through it, take what they want and leave the rest where ever it had dropped. This is the third time we have been hit in four years. The first time they took $1001 worth of things out of our car, the $1 was an actual dollar. The second time, we had our shovels and gardening equipment stolen. And now this!

I didn’t sleep at all last night so I am running on panic, fright and caffeine. I worry because I have two small kids with me and well I have no clue what I would do if some maniac broke in here while we were sleeping and well okay I’m not able to continue that thought. I have no clue how I will ever sleep again and did I mention, I’m so damn tired. I’m now scared to be in my own home, this sucks.

The only positive is that I was able to start a new book and watch the news all night. I now understand the whole Palin, Lettermen thing. I also am saddened to learn about a possible tax for health care. I can’t afford health care now nor my taxes, this will surely bankrupt this family. And what the hell is with the law enforcement giving tickets out to people that are parking in their own driveways in Ohio, just because they aren’t paved???? Un-fucking believeable.

I’m gonna eat some ice cream, play some tennis on the WII with my daughter and hopefully get some school work done. I know for sure I won’t be sleeping anytime today or tonight.

4 thoughts on “I HATE Thieves!

  1. Don’t get me started on the Lettermen thing. People are so stupid. When it comes to the thievery. I had this idea awhile back. b4 I go on, I know it is a horrible idea, but interesting none-the-less. Okay so everybody born has a chip installed. This chip has some type of miniature explosive, or something that just shocks the shit out of them. You with me? Around the perimeter of your house, you pay money to have an electric line put underground. Much like a dogs shock collar. It’s 11:30 AM, you just got done making love to the Queen of England in your first dream of the night… Somebody crosses that line, and an alarm goes off. You wake up, still aroused from the Queen encounter, and you go grab the clicker (detonator/shocker}, you run down and see a group of Pollacks in your shed. At this point it is at your discretion, what the next course of action is. I want this technology, and I will make sure my unborn baby is the first test subject. Seriously though, I hate people that steal shit. From my nephew, who always seems to have stuff from my house in his room, to Bernie Madoff.

  2. Hi Bats0711,

    Bummer about the thieves stealing your stuff, that just sux. I know how that feels, I’ve had two cars stolen before.

    Perhaps if you got a medium to large size guard dog, he could eat their lunch the next time they come around. That just might alleviate the problem, and, without a prescription.

    Those pictures of you’re children with their lemonade stand was precious. Thanks for sharing that.

    • Hey Darknight, I was wondering where your site went! I have a dog, she’s a sheltie and I am surprised she didn’t bark because well that’s what she does. Maybe she’s calmer in her old age. Thank you so much for the comment on my kids, they are the best, sometimes.

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