The Lemonade Stand

I normally don’t post images of my kids on the internet but this time I’m making an exception because I am so proud of my daughter and please feel free to leave her a message on how great it is for her to do this, you can refer to her as The Lemonade Stand Owner, thanks!….

The Lemonade Stand

As a parent in this economy, with the loss of my husbands job in March, the total of the car in February, there being no bailout for this family, the IRS wanting more money from past years, the bank wanting money no matter what, the utilities on our house going up 13% this year because the companies can raise the prices even though none of us can afford it, and so on and so on; I have had to constantly say, “I’m sorry sweetie, we just can not afford it.” I know from my childhood how hard it can be for an 8 year old to try and live up to the expectations of peers and when everyone of your friends can have anything no matter what, it can get frustrating and tiring. So instead of just telling her that it’s not affordable for us, I decided to teach her about how hard money, business and the economy really is. Luckily on her first day at her brand new business, she was like a whirlwind, enjoying and taking in every minute of it. Also luckily, neighbors saw what she was doing and came over each with atleast 50 cents and buying lemonade from her, letting us know that this was the best idea they had seen in a long time. I was so choked up, I knew I had value in my neighborhood and the neighbors but didn’t know quite how much until this day. She got up on Sunday before the sun was up begging me to get started, I had her hold off until after the neighbors got home from church, so around noon she dragged her ‘stand’ outside to the front yard, got her ‘tips’ jar, her lemonade, cups and I walked up signs to the main road for her. She bought the lemonade mix from all of her toothfairy money she had saved up and made the signs the night before, she had done such an incredible job on everything. And her brother even made 75 cents just for sitting at the table with her. What surprised me even more was the fact the she actually kept at it for 4 hours! I figured after an hour she would be bored and done with the whole ordeal but she lasted until 4 pm and that was with atleast 2 hours of nobody coming by, she just kept telling me, “It takes patience, right Mom?” She’s decided to keep her stand open all summer, only taking a week off for cheerleading camp in SC with her Aunt and cousin, and what ever profits she makes she is welcome to spend it on anything she wants. She also knows that she has to spend the money for the upkeep of the stand, meaning if more cups are needed or lemonade mix, then it’s her responsiblity. I am so proud of her for taking the initiative on this! Now if I could only get her to clean up her room everyday.

6 thoughts on “The Lemonade Stand

  1. Wow, kudos to your child, she sounds more responsible at 8 than I am at 30, and probably more money-wise too. You should definitely be proud – and that’s the cutest darn lemonade stand I’ve ever seen.

  2. LOL! I know right! I have no clue where she is getting all of this money smarts from because it sure isn’t me, maybe the cartoons. Thank you so much for the comment!

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