It’s Friday, Yet Again

Well it’s Friday and what does this Friday bring? My inlaws got here a bit ago and they rushed with hubby to MVA to try and get the car registered in his name, I say good luck with that. My mother in law looks me in the eye and says, “You make sure he takes care of my baby!” She’s refering to the car and I think Jeesh…I’m not making sure anyone takes care of anything well except my kids and their teeth, other than that people are on their own because I have a hard enough time taking care of myself right now. It’s a nice car though and I’m so glad that we will have a family vehicle again, although just like with the VW I give my hubby a week before he gives in and drives it for work. We shall see though.

And since it’s Friday, I’m thinking about after we go out to eat with my inlaws, picking up some beer. I don’t want to though, atleast not right now. I probably will later though and so I have already planned it out in my mind and can visualize the greatness of the beer, the fresh inviting taste and haven’t been able to bring myself past that point and think, visualize the after the fact part. I drank Wednesday night and while it was great being beer, I didn’t enjoy it for some reason. I’m thinking it’s because of the anxiety, panic and discomfort drinking is causing me. Well okay I’m not thinking that, I know. Maybe instead I’ll pick up some Ben ‘n Jerry’s, never can go wrong with ice cream. Ice cream and home work sounds okay for tonight, well unless my hubby goes out to play poker then maybe I might rethink this whole night.

I need a nap and can’t get one, that’s just all I need is for me to be napping when my inlaws pull in with my hubby. SO no nap today and while I should be doing something, anything, I think I’ll just veg right here and watch Spongebob with my littlest one…maybe do a little Stumbling.

I’ve decided I have the munchies and have to go whip something up.

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