Spunky Jabbering ~ Adam Lambert is Gay!

I woke up to ants this morning.  I hate ants and I am so sick of them.  Todays Wednesday which is speech class day for my son, which means I don’t have time for these damn things.  I sware I live on a huge ant hill and I know what you’re thinking….”Clean your house!”  Ya well my house is reasonably clean for having two young children, a dog, fish, and my husband.  It’s not hospital clean but darn it, I’m sick of ants especially when I have my inlaws coming in 2 days.  UGH!  Anyway…

I was able to get sleep last night, woke up every two hours but I did get some sleep.  I just can not turn my mind off.  Have I told you I can not wait until the 18th?  Onto other supposed news,  I’m watching the morning local news and guess what?….

Adam Lambert is gay!  Well no shit, I could’ve told you that.  I can not believe this is on the news, unbelieveable.  They’re raising my water price 6% and my electric bill is going up 13%, the golf course down the street can’t put up a new sign because of the county and well he needs a new sign since the teens in the area must have been bored one night and vandalized it, the school system is cutting out numerous buses, the swim team and the county doesn’t have the funds to build the skate park that they promised, but damn it all it’s now confirmed that Adam Lambert is gay so now are lives are complete.  Jeesh.

I guess I’m feeling spunky this morning and I’m not even on my second cup of coffee yet.  Today should be an adventure.  It’s suppose to be 90 here so I think after speech class I’m going to float in the pool with my son.  Maybe I’m feeling spunky because I haven’t drank for 5 days????  Normally tuesday nights are trigger nights for me but I didn’t drink, I did look for the vodka my husband has hidden but didn’t find it so gave up and decided I didn’t need a drink anyway.  I don’t know about tonight though.  I can’t promise I won’t drink but right now I have no plans to drink, I have too many things to get ready for and I know crashing is going to happen at sometime.  Unfortunately the highs don’t last forever, lows are always in the future.

I signed up for BlogExplosion and StumbleUpon, yesterday.  While I get BlogEx, I’m not sure how Stumble will get me traffic but I guess I shall see.  I did get to read some interesting things on Stumble last night about spiders eating flies that were injected with marijuana, the webs were great.  Oh and I have a link to a great page that helps explain Bipolar Disorder ( http://www.mentalhealth.com/dis/p20-md02.html ), it’s a long read but well Bipolar is a very life long disorder and it completely explains it, not in complicated form either.  If you think you suffer from some form of Bipolar Disorder, I’d click on the link.

I’m going to pace, clean some ants, shower and get ready to take him to speech class.  Oh and don’t forget Adam Lambert is gay!

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