Good Day

I guess ‘manic’ will be the theme for me atleast for today, I hope that I can actually keep this feeling for the next couple of days though…being manic means I’m not a lump on a log, it means that maybe I might have the house half situated for when the inlaws come on friday.  I LOVE manic days but it’s the crash that’s gonna get me, I’m not looking forward to that at all.  I’ve got about 10 more things to do today before I can sit down and do some homework. 

Which reminds me an update on my school….I’ve started the beginning part of pharmocology and it’s boring, I’m glad that they put this at the beginning of the course to get it over and done with.  I did learn something about Lithium, that you are suppose to take it atleast twice a day for it to keep an even level in the blood stream.  My mother takes Lithium and has for over 20 years, she’s always taking it once a day and I’m thinking that maybe we need to talk with her psychiatrist to find out more information about this, maybe this is why she has been living in a psychosis now for umpteen years.  I’m curious what her doctor has to say about it.  Anyway that’s where I am at with it, long and boring work.

Now onto my manic Monday….

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