He’s MY Son

I’m pretty sure that I just watched my son have a completely manic night, and now he’s just crashed.  He’s almost four but everyone and I mean everyone knows there is something different about him.  I know my daughter doesn’t have bipolar but tonight has definately proved to me that it’s something I am going to need to look into for him.  He doesn’t have ADHD and personally I think some kids are diagnosed with that and maybe bipolar should be looked into for them.  My oldest son has been diagnosed with ADHD when I have sworn that bipolar is actually the issue but he doesn’t live with me and there’s not much anyone will listen to out of my mouth when it comes to him well actually when it comes to anything for that matter.  A whole other post though.

So this is my youngest son tonight …. he has bounced on every piece of furniture, he’s chased the dog to the point of her just losing it, he’s asked for something to eat about 15 times, he returned to bouncing on my daughters bed.  I have been trying to get him in bed now for oh almost 3 hours, which he has proceeded to sneak out of his room into his sisters room.  So I decide there is no school tomorrow, so no big deal if they play a bit since my daughter isn’t minding him.  He’s all over her room, it’s now completely trashed and that means tomorrow is going to be a struggle just to get the room cleaned up.  She wants to sleep so I have to physically drag him into his room, that means he’s pissy and so a power struggle with keeping him in there, he lashes out in anger.  He trashes his room, another struggle to get that cleaned up tomorrow, cries, a hissy fit and lashes himself around and this lasts for oh about an hour.  He has now passed out from all of this, thankfully.  He’ll probably awake tomorrow about 6 am and the day of bouncing, hissy fits and lashing out and trashing whatever room will start all over again.  I’m watching myself as a 4 year old.  And I’ve decided to tell him in the morning that he’s my favorite little boy ever!

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