My Planets Are Aligning, Kaboom!

Why is it that when we are Mom’s are universe have to cross so extremely with our childrens?  I tell you it never fails that when I have a hard time then my kids do too.  I woke up great, ready to go but then something, anything put me in a bad mood hence my mind was working faster than my body would.  So starts my son, he’s 3 and it seems that right at that particular moment he had to have this particular pair of socks well we needed to be putting my daughter on the bus right at that moment so mental meltdown from him, he needed them right then and there.  I needed a cup of coffee right then and there, hadn’t had one yet.  So pretty much my son and I are just a mess luckily my daughter is Miss Calm and just gets to the bus stop pretending not to be embarressed.  She’s great!  She’s perfect as a matter of fact.  That wasn’t the worst part though, no the worst part came after I walked up to the school with my son for his speech class.  I decide since he’s doing so well at school and I have an extra couple bucks in my pocket, that I would go to the grocery store and get us some sushi for lunch, which is his favorite lunch!  and mine also.  Oh my!  is all I have to say about the fact that I would buy him a balloon or a Matchbox car.  He decided punching me in the eye was the best he could do and have another mental meltdown in the store.  So here I am dragging him out of the store with nothing for lunch, all the while he’s screaming, “You’re hurting me!  You’re hurting my arm!”  Of course that draws the innocent bystander mom into the mix,  “Maybe you’re pulling him too hard?  You should let him go.”  I’m of course thinking, “Lady this is nothing.”  I don’t let him go nor do I say anything to her.  I just want out of there and fast!  He was so out of control and I felt my control totally dwindling to the point I may just pull all of my hair out.  After him breaking his stroller, I finally have him belted in and I can treck the hour home. 

I was so exhausted when I got home.  This whole day has been just incredibly well…horrible.  I want a drink, I want a Seroquel and I just want it to be quiet for once.  I’m beginning to think I don’t have it in me for this family thing.  I’m beginning to think that I am failing at this life thing.  I’m beginning to think that when my universe spontaneously combusts, it’s going to be a good thing.

Oh darn!  I have to go clean up the dog puke.

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