I sit here tonight with not much to say.  I’m tired.  I’m only 34 years old and I sware I must feel 50.  Had an okay day, nothing to great, just some chores and then swimming in the pool with the kids.  I tell you an hour in that pool with them and I’m wiped out but they are still raring to go.  I’m glad summer is right around the corner, getting up early doesn’t bother me too much but it’s the rushing to get my daughter fed, dressed and then off to the bus stop.  No matter how early we get up, it just seems like the morning is a rush but in the summer there isn’t a reason to rush, she can take her time to eat and watch some cartoons with her brother.  Summer time also means lazy days of the pool, throwing water balloons and quick games of hopscotch.  I think this summer I’m going to give the ‘camping out’ a try, one weekend we’ll go ahead and sleep outside, do the fire, smores and all.  I just want to see if they can handle the actual sleeping out, they both seem to want to go camping for real but I just want to make sure that they get used to some of it first, I don’t want to be out the middle of nowhere in the middle of the night and them wanting their own beds.  Camping in the back yard shall be fun though, just waiting until the fireflies come out for the year, they love catching them and it’s fun to watch and well okay it’s fun to join in also!

So that’s pretty much it for tonight.  For once I’m not manic, not depressed, not really anything except tired.  Atleast for right now, check back with me in an hour and that could change.

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