Do Something, Damn It!

So after this mornings fiasco, I was lucky because my son actually wanted to take a nap!  He’s 3 and hasn’t taken a nap since he was about 2, we cut nap time out for him because if he does take a nap then he’s up until about 11 or 12 so I’ve just been dealing with the very long days with him.  I know, I know he’s going to be but that’s okay, I really needed a nap.  However, I wake up from my nap sick to my stomach and shaky as hell, my mind is humming and I’m still just so exhausted.  I haven’t accomplished anything on my todo list today and I know my hubby is just so sick of me being like this, I’m sure he’d love to actually have a ‘normal’ mom for his kids instead of the insanity I bring to the table.  I know I’m sick of the insanity I’m bringing to the table.  I guess I should make myself do something, anything.

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