My Sins Go A Lot Farther Than Wishing I Had a Million Dollars

I’m not sure what a substitute teacher was thinking when she decided it was okay to speak in my daughters class about religion and definately have no clue what she was thinking telling the kids that when you go on to third grade you won’t beable to use the bathroom during the day.  Okay I’m pretty sure the bathroom discussion isn’t being communicated to me by my daughter who is only 8 correctly but jeesh how did they even get on this topic.  Around here there is primary school which is preschool, specials such as speech therapy, and first through second grade then you graduate to elementary school third through sixth.  My daughter is already worried about going to the elementary school since it is a very old school, no classrooms just bookcases that seperate each class and now she thinks there are no bathrooms!  Believe me when I say this will keep her up at night!  I can not imagine the stress for a kid of her age to go through about having to hold it and having an accident AT SCHOOL!  I’m just a little peeved about this.

I’m even more peeved about the discussion of god.  Not all families believe in the same religion and I’m pretty sure even out here in the middle of nowhere there is still a thing as seperation of church and state.  I wonder what the muslim mother of the boy in her class will think?  Although since my husband is Methodist I do allow prayer and thanks at meal times and if my daughter wanted to go to church then so be it, I would support that.  No I am not Methodist and well…I don’t do organized religion nor do I believe god is an okay discussion in a classroom even if it was around a different time of the year like christs birthday.  I wonder if it’s not an issue for this teacher because the bible wasn’t directly involved.  What were they talking about?  Well somehow the kids got on a talk about what they would do if they had a million dollars and somehow the teacher suggested that they didn’t need money for anything, that god takes care of everything for us.  Ummmmmmmm okay, I’m hoping this spiritual entity is going to pay off this house, oh and the totalled car, the health insurance, my Dad’s funeral when he dies, the psychiatric costs for my mother and myself! 

Apparently also if you actually wish for a million dollars than you are greedy and it’s a sin!  Well everyone, Bats is greedy and trust me when I say that’s not my only sin!

4 thoughts on “My Sins Go A Lot Farther Than Wishing I Had a Million Dollars

  1. Hi Bats0711,

    I didn’t realize that finding intelligent substitute teachers for America’s children was such an ordeal in this day and age.

    I consider it down right E-ViLe for an adult to tell a child at school that they cannot go to the restroom when they need to.

    Perhaps the substitute teacher needs some type of emergency therapy, like a water blanket party. This is guaranteed to work when water boarding fails.

    You begin this scientific procedure by force feeding the substitute teacher five gallons of Lime flavored Gatorade, and then you throw a blanket over her and have all your friends sit on her tummy , while your more creative buddies can try out their latest dance steps on your lower mid section, all the while, refusing to let her go to the restroom. Yea, lets see how she likes it!

    Oh yea, I almost forgot, make sure and have some running water in the back round for sound effects.

    Important Notice *

    Do not try this technique at home without adult supervision.

    For entertainment purposes only.

    • I didn’t realize it was a problem either! Maybe this woman isn’t paid enough, maybe she doesn’t care enough…I dunno but it’s ridiulous! It’s awful and my taxes are paying her to scare the crap out of my kid and cause her undue stress about wanting to go to school. I have had problems with my daughter wanting to go to school in the past because of little bullies, one kid was taking her lunch money and this was when she was in KINDERGARTEN! Most others just pick on her over her size, she’s quite small but we had finally gotten over that hurdle now she’s worried about going into the 3rd grade and bathrooms. Jeesh.
      Waterboarding made me think of my mother, I’ll try it out on her first see how it goes.

  2. Hi Bats0711,

    Perhaps I was not as clear as I should have been in my last post. I may have been typing in the Dark.

    Water boarding is a technique used by military during wartime, and the Water Blanket Party I spoke of is something totally different.

    Water Blanket Parties can be used at home, with adult supervision, for entertainment purposes only, meaning we say it cause it sounds funny, but we don’t really do it.

    I guess my post was just my way of saying that I thought the substitute teacher was a real Bozo Buzz Zin Skee who has no business working with children.

    If your little girl gets picked on by bullies a lot because of her small size, perhaps some lessons in Wing Chun Gung Fu are in order. If she learned the Wing Chun Chain Punch I’d bet dollars to donuts after one encounter, those bullies at school would never mess with her again.

    • Oh no I understood just what you meant! My reply in trying it out on my mother was I guess my way of making humor also. I should make a post about her then you would understand but I don’t have the gumption to do it right now, it always takes more emotional steam to talk about her or think about her than I have, it always brings about feelings of inadequacy, fright and anger.
      But I gotch ya on your comment!

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