Jon & Kate, The Best Marketing Ploy Ever!

Just wanted to mention really quick that this morning, I am feeling better.  There’s a trend though, by 2pm I’ll be a mess and then by 6pm, a train wreck.  Enough of that for now though, I don’t feel like complaining about my never ending emotional debacle.  Maybe later though.

So I’m sitting here last night, reading, watching tv and fidgeting.  All of a sudden a preview come on talking about how Jon & Kate plus 8’s new season start Monday and of course they’ve been announcing this for about 3 weeks anyway so I’m thinking, I know already.  Then my thoughts head in the direction of “these ppl can not be serious that they are still trying to pull this show off!”  I’ve watched the show and honestly in the beginning I was in awe of this family.  I mean crud a Mom and Dad with that many kids and almost all of them the same age and the age of them at that!  But I wasn’t one to tune in all the time and no I’ve never bought Kate’s books.  So then the scandels start and honestly I couldn’t believe they didn’t start sooner but I have to tell you their scandels out rank Brittany Spears and her Bipolar disorder debacle.  Atleast we knew Brittany was out of her mind and she wasn’t pretending to be something that she obviously is not.  So this brings me to my opinion, well actually first a question…it’s always looked to me that Jon has never enjoyed being interviewed and broadcasted on television so why the hell didn’t he just say “screw this, I’m not having any fun so I’m done!”  I know Kate is overly aggressive and pushy but jeesh man get a back bone, and do what YOU want when it comes to terms as this.  And now then this is when an opinion of mine comes in…How is it this show and everything that Kate ‘does’ is for the children?  I mean come on, do you really want me to believe that these kids required their parents to be placed on a show, broadcast their lives, accept hundreds of thousands of dollars in gifts and make a few million in the process?  Don’t you think that her kids would love for their Mom and Dad to just go to the park for a picnic and NOT argue once?  I personally am appalled by how much they argue in front of the kids and the camera.  And that takes me to a thought that maybe it was all a ratings ploy this whole time, the more they argue the more we tune in, the more we tune in, the more money they make.  AND now with rumors of sexual scandel, you best bet we are all going to watch the season opener on Monday.  Yes, including me.  Sigh…sometimes I can’t help being pulled into commotion.  But I know there is going to be no talk about their personal life other than how Jon screwed something up.  So that’s where I stand at the moment, it’s a huge marketing ploy for the show, their items they sell and their new book and I don’t believe that NOW this is all for the children, at all.

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