It’s Going to Be Okay?

I lost it last night.  I drank way too much and the rollercoaster was awful, I’m sure I looked and acted like a train wreck.  A horrible thought occurred to me, since my neighbor was there, I wonder how many neighbors today (or soon) will be wondering and watching?  Oh sigh.

Today I have had to deal with the awful after effects and the humming in my brain is fierce.  Pychosis keeps coming to mind and I wonder how close I am.  On the 29th of this month marks the 2 year anniversary of me last losing it and ending up in the hospital, that can not happen this year, it just can’t. 

That’s all I can summon up right now, hopefull tomorrow morning I will be okay.  I keep thinking that one day I will wake up and be okay, that it’s all going to be okay.

One thought on “It’s Going to Be Okay?

  1. Hello Bats0711,

    Bummer about your Train Wreck.

    After thinking about that for a moment, I wondered if perhaps Johnny Cash may have had different layers of meaning in his song that has that line
    “I Hear That Train uh Coming.” I bet he had a lot of train wrecks too.

    One time while he was stoned out of his mind in the back of a Limo, he decided he wanted a hotdog, and so he started a fire on the floorboard of the car and cooked him one.

    That’s pretty crazy, the things alcohol and cocaine can make a person do when they get a craving for a hotdog.

    Hope your having a better day today.

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