Maniacal Depression

I’m pretty sure mania is in my direct path.  Today, I awoke, colored my hair black , (unfortunately the store didn’t have green hair dye or for sure I’d also have green streaks!) decided to walk two miles for the worst sushi ever, came home around one, ate the sushi and about 2pm crashed.  I’m pretty sure rapid cycling is also a feature this time and am wondering if psychosis is also.  I look around each day, walk in circles, pretend to get things done and at the end of the day everything seems more of a mess than when I started.  The bills are unpaid but yet I have black hair so everything seems okay until about 10pm when the mania really starts and I have to toss and turn in bed for hours to try and sleep.  Light seems too light, dark seems too dark and my moods are everywhere; not to mention most foods besides 15 dollars worth of crappy sushi seems too much.  Now I have to go pace more and figure out what else needs to be said and how to say because I have a hundred different thoughts and not one will stay put for me to let anyone know.

One thought on “Maniacal Depression

  1. Hello,

    Bummer the store didn’t have any green hair dye. That might have looked really cool.

    While I was out today, someone got on the bus wearing a T-shirt with a big Green Irish Clover on the front, and a brightly colored matching green scarf hanging out of his back pocket. I wondered if that meant he was in an Irish gang?

    I don’t really have a drinking problem myself, but I have been diagnosed with Major Depression, so I can relate to some of the things that a person can feel that might not be thought of as being normal to others.

    But sometimes when I see some of the actions being done by those who think they are normal, well then, that sort of makes me feel that perhaps normal isn’t really all its cracked up to be.

    But I did have a habit a year or so ago where I’d drink some, and then I’d take my guitar out on the balcony and entertain the neighbors and the cars driving by.

    They’d pass and say, “Hmm, there’s that crazy guy with the guitar again.”

    I’m glad God put music in my heart and soul. It helps, especially when darkness comes around, and the light seems so far away.

    God bless you, and keep blogging.

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