I Made It!

As you can probably tell, it’s Saturday and I didn’t drink last night, woohoo!  I was still up all night and am beat tired today but that’s okay.  Drinking some iced coffee and am trying to decide what to do with my rainy day.  I need to download pictures to the computer and add them to my other blog that I just started.  I’ll have to post a link.  Okay so pretty much what it is, is a scrapbook blog where I am going to post a picture a day from my life.  Pictures of just about everything, my kids, dog, hubby, plants, books, oatmeal ect…I think you get the picture.  HA!

So in other news, I’m feeling pretty good this morning not too much anxiety and haven’t had a twinge of panic.  I started having panic attacks about 8 years ago.  It was right after I had my daughter and I think since I went from working a 60 hour, very busy week to taking care of another life.  The responsiblity I feel each day to care for other people and the house is quite overwhelming to me at times.  It’s definately far more stressful than letting people know what they need to do about their termite insurance! 

Well I don’t want to waste what secure feelings I feel toward myself and my day so I’m going to work on the picture blog and will have to stop back in here to post a link.

Here’s to any day sober!

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