Extra Cullicular Activity for ME!

I’ve been frustrated lately with our economic situation so I started doing job searching online and in person which lead me to being even more frustrated.  Being a SAHM for the past eight years has left me with no job training or any room for advancement.  Before I was a SAHM, I worked for a termite insurance company and I actually loved my work and it was nice pay but it was very long hours with a lot of stress involved, not as much stress as a Mom but you get the picture.  I don’t want to go back into that field although that’s what my expertise is and sadly the only other jobs here are waitress jobs and well with a son whom isn’t in school yet I would have to pay out more money for daycare to work than I would make or bring in.  So I sucked it up and signed up (today) for distant learning classes in the field that I really want to work in, Alcohol and Drug Counseling.  I am so excited!  I should receive everything in the next couple of days and with this certificate I’ll be able to get an entry level job at either a hospital detox or a residential treatment center.  It’s not too pricey either and I feel confident I can finish the work in a year which would mean my son would be starting kindergarten right after I finish.  Exciting, huh?  Now to tell my hubby about spending the money, it’s okay for him to spend money but when I do I get the fifth degree about how much and yada, yada, yada.  Who knows though, maybe he might be as excited as me.  Wish me luck.

Other than that, not much happening.  I realize I need a maid or atleast some kind of help around here because I can not do it all!  Here’s to wishing though.  I have started to put together a ‘home agenda’, which is helping me get more done and feel better about how much I do instead of feeling like a heel because I’m not June Cleaver or even Kate from Jon & Kate plus 8.  Which wouldn’t she be the June Cleaver of my era? 

I’ve also been talking with the GAP company and it looks like they are going to pay the vehicle off by May 28th but we’ll see.  They know though that if they don’t then, small claims court here we come.

Mother’s Day sucked.  My hubby was exhausted from the ‘camping trip’ so he slept all day and I had to do everything include walk to the store to get the things for my dinner and then make it.  So I have given up on Mother’s Day in this house, every year it seems I do all the work while he gets the time off, so pretty much just like every other day of the year. 

I have to go make dinner and fold some laundry, get the kids in the shower and to bed so I’m off.

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