Teacher’s Appreciation Week

Quick note … it seems it’s going to rain forever.  So no I haven’t been able to work in the pumpkin patch yet, lets hope it clears up sometime today.

Another quick note … laundry sucks and I’m so behind.  I know it’s raining so do the laundry but man I started reading a good book and that seems so much more stimulating then the laundry.  I hate laundry and need a laundry maid.  Heck, I just need a maid.

What am I reading?  Well I wanted to read something to go with the current times and had The Eleventh Plaque lying around.  I have been pleasantly shock that I’m enjoying it.

So today starts Teacher Appreciation Week and luckily I shot up off the couch at 8pm last night remembering my daughter needed to bring in a flower for her teacher.  Actually the lucky part was getting to the store and picking up the last single flower while a pack of Mom’s that forgot also came in behind me.  Getting home and telling my hubby, he says “You should’ve split a bouquet with them all.”  Well crud, thanks hun for taking my proud moment and spoiling it.  I never thought of that and hope they all did that.  I know I wouldn’t want to go store to store at 8pm looking for a flower.  Anyway I have a split heart when it comes to this week, don’t get me wrong I love teachers and think that they definately deserve this week.  HOWEVER my daughters teacher doesn’t impress me any.  Sure she’s learning and loves school but I have tried communicating over and over again this year with her teacher on different issues with my daughter, to no response from the teacher.  I’m kind of disappointed in that fact.  Now then my son’s speech teacher is out of this world!  So I have no qualms to do anything for her.  Does me being disappointed in my daughters teacher count with taking other peoples inventories? 

Okay I have to start sorting the mounds of laundry but wanted to stop by and say…

Hug a teacher today, they make a world of difference!

One thought on “Teacher’s Appreciation Week

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