Here’s to the Food!

This morning I wanted to point out a couple of points on my beliefs of this time of the year.

For a long time. celebrating christmas was a no no for me, I just don’t believe in that kind of higher power.  When I got together with my hubby a couple years had gone by and since our relationship was something I treasured, I succumbed  to going to his family get togethers for ‘the’ holiday.  It’s very uncomfortable to sit in a methodist church and listen to a sermon on jesus and about ‘the’ holiday.  I sware that someday the church is going to spontaniously combust, well either the church or me.  But I sit quietly and listen to what everyone in the room believes in.  I sometimes notice while listening to the sermon, there are a few heads nodding in agreement.  I also notice the parents with little kids, and how easily they get bored with their surroundings.  “Me too sweethearts, me too.”  It’s what I am thinking also; bored out of my mind.  But I still sit and observe.  One question that comes to mind around this hectic time of the year, is if I wanted to not celebrate christmas but wanted to celebrate the solace, how would that go about?  I know my inlaws wouldn’t have anything like that happen and my husband would just laugh and shake his head.  So it’s okay for me to celebrate something that everyone else does but I have to put my beliefs on the back burner just to not cause heart attacks, drama and controversy.  Hmmmmmmmmmm why am I the one that has to feel like a hypocrit  about ‘the’ holiday.

But then there are my little ones and I have to admit that I enjoy so much the magic they believe in when it comes to christmas, and I know the holiday is about christ but come on when a three year old gets the present he/she waited all year to ask for and actually get it really touches my heart.  I love the energy my kids bring to ‘the’ holiday.  I love to watch their eyes grow wide and sparkle because they wrote that letter to some big jolly man with a loud laugh and a reindeer that leads the way in a sleigh,  and they actually get that present!  I love the jumping up and down and the ‘yes!  I got it.’  I love to watch the kids play with that one special toy that this big jolly man brought to them.  “How does he pay for things, Mom?  Does he steal really expensive items?  How did he find the flying reindeer?  Can we go to the North pole to visit Frosty the Snowman?”  {Oh a quick note…Frosty got married, there is now a Mrs. Frosty.  When the heck did that happen?!}  So I think that sitting back and going through the motions is something that I have to do for the time being, until the little one’s can understand why some people just don’t believe the way others do and that it’s okay.  It’s okay to not follow the crowd and to pretend to believe just because everyone else does in your life.  it’s kind of like the “If your friends jumped off a bridge, would you do it?” 

And then there’s the food {LOL!}  Turkey, stuffing, gravy, corn, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, pies, and cookies, ect.  Oh my, lets reason enough for me to just go through the motions and believe in the food.  So here’s to the food!

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