Thank you Freedom

The other day I finished A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini, just like The Kite Runner this book is a masterpiece.  Every chapter brought light to my eyes at just how lucky I am to have been born in a free world. 

But what has me thinking the most is how lucky my children are.  Even in our most dire straits we have been able to feed our kids.  One of the mothers in the book had to place a beautiful daughter in an orphanage just so she could eat.  When I read books like these or see movies or documentaries about situations like this I think about how mature the children are.  I couldn’t possibly imagine my daughter who is 7 understanding the complexities of adult life like these children do.  My daughter has just begun to believe me when I say some children in the world have no toys and some no food.  I remember the look on her face when I told her of homeless children in DC and how they have to ‘ask’ strangers for money to hope to get enough to buy a piece of bread or some rice.  And to not have any blankets or toys is a nightmare to her.  My children are so lucky.

But anyway, thinking through all of this today, I think it would be a great treasure for her to put some clothes and toys together to donate and go to the grocery store and choose some canned goods to give.  In past years I have wanted her to get some of her toys together so we could give them to hospitals in our area for children with terminal illness but unfortunately they don’t accept donations like that.  I let her know it’s the thought that counts and thank her for her goodness.

I’ll be the first to admit my children are spoiled rotten but I can see goodness in their attitudes towards life and people.  I am so glad they were able to be born in a free country.

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