Am I Lazy?

I am feeling slightly okay and have been for two days.  Although I am feeling okay I think I have turned lazy.  When I try to complete any tasks like cleaning, I get tired so easy.  Is it tiredness, laziness or boredom?  I’m not really sure and I know my hubby doesn’t care to contemplate it, he just wants it to get done.  But it’s not though so he’s becoming increasingly disappointed in me as a SAHM.  He doesn’t have any type of mental illness or addiction and so it’s quite hard for him to understand and often thinks of it as a cop-out.  I’ve offered to explain or give him reading material so he can understand more but it doesn’t interest him. 

So now I’m thinking if I am so unhappy with who I am, why is it so uncomfortable to become someone else?  Why don’t I try harder to improve upon myself?  Laziness maybe.

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