Just Right Here

I just wanted to pop on real quick and say thank you everyone for reading.  It helps to think that you have been ‘heard’.  Mental illness is hard enough to go through, we shouldn’t have to do it alone.

Yesterday was an okay day, not too emotional and not so many ups and downs (thank heavens not too many downs!)  The downs are the hardest for me since being a stay home mom it’s next too impossible to just check out even for a bit.  My kids have been very tolerant of the type of mother I have been.  That’s one thing that really bugs me.  I was doing so well with the medication, I had energy, the house was in order, and still had the desire to do other things.  Without it, I’m a mess and I know that they are the ones who are suffering.  But I am sick of complaining, this just isn’t me.

I’m going to have a good cup of coffee and try to make some order out of my day.  Sorry I don’t have too much to say, maybe later.  Thanks!

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