I Love Rabbits

The essence of AA isn’t just about staying sober, it’s the fellowship.  It’s about the giving back what was given to me.  If there wasn’t someone who passed on to me what was passed on to them, then pretty much my recovery would be short lived. 

I’ve been pretty out of the loop for awhile now when it comes to service and that’s why I am looking forward to Monday morning when I get to chair a meeting…and…no I still don’t have my topic.  I think I am going to sit here, sip my coffee and come up with one.  Hold on…

For some reason my brain keeps leaning towards future and that’s probably because of the time of the year, what with two weeks left in the year of course my brain is going to start to wonder about the coming year.  Can you tell I have a hard time staying in the now?

I think however I am going to go with a topic of ‘little treasures of everyday’.  I thought about it this morning.  I was standing in my kitchen, kind of pacing wondering what I really wanted to do today when it popped in my head that I have been irritated lately because for the past couple of weeks I have stopped looking at how grateful I am each day.  A gratitude list is one of the strongest forms of recovery for me each day, it ranks right up there with fellowship.  Most days a gratitude list consists of the everyday major things; my house, food, children, hubby, tv, bed, bathroom, ect…  But I find it necessary to my recovery to also stop occassionally to listen and find smaller things for gratitude.  In my kitchen, I stopped and looked around.  Outside I saw my dog whom I tie up so she doesn’t run away but that’s not what I was grateful for…the rabbit that was just out of reach of her and her going insane to try and reach it.  I LOL at the brains this rabbit has grown when it comes to teasing my dog.  I was grateful for the opportunity to laugh, a real laugh and not a laugh that you have to hold back because you don’t want to make a fool of yourself by laughing too loud. 

Anyway my point is, that everyday either we are going a mile a minute and forgetting to be grateful or when we do slow down, stop and think about it, we are thankful for all the gigantic necessities we have but then there are times when we have that split second of gratitude for something that was just out of sight, that REALLY is the reason for sobriety. 

If I had been drinking this morning, I would’ve forgotten my dog was even outside and missed the opportunity for a good laugh.

Cheers to recovery!

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