How Computer Illiterate I Am

Isn’t blogging suppose to be fun?  Is it suppose to be fun for the computer literate?

I have decided I know absolutely nothing about computers, programs, widgets, themes or pretty much anything that blogging would require before you write the blog.  So I have also decided I shall learn as the steam shoots out of my ears from my brain overloading on technical terms.  So I say if the look and feel of my blog sucks, then oh f-ing well.  I’ll get it sometime in the next hundred years. Obviously tonight just isn’t going to be the night.

Topic for tomorrow morning…maybe how well I have slept since my mind hates me and won’t let up for two minutes.  Or maybe how it is I can not sleep but still have the brain matter to even come up with a topic.  Which now brings another thought…Oh crap I have to come up with a topic for my week of chairing an AA meeting…I don’t think discussing my sleep deprived brain or bitchy attitude of the week is allowed.

8 thoughts on “How Computer Illiterate I Am

  1. Yo “Bats”… or how would you prefer to be addressed?

    I connect with the frustration of complexity in blogging. A less complex mode of expression would be welcome in my world. I am yet to understand some of the funamental features of the wordpress forum.

    Yet, what I do is simply do my best and not worry about it. Creating a theme took mere minutes to choose the template. I chose the one I chose because I liked the designer’s name. Go figure.

    Anyway… some of the churning you refer to is a familiar thing to me. The brain often does not quit. I have even got to the point of speaking to my obsessive thoughts. Like in the mornings when they tell me that they want to hide under the covers. I have actually spoken to my thoughts and said “Ok, you guys lay here, the rest of us (body parts) are getting up and going to work”. Sounds silly but it works for me.

    After years of suffering from depression, I began to look at my depression as its own entitiy. And begun to live as who I was under the surface. And treat my depression like an unwelcome visitor. I treat it with respect and courtesy, but tell it “I am simply not interested in spending any time with you”. I find it very freeing.

    Anyway… glad to bump into your post.



  2. Ya, like what up with the snowing pixels anyway. I do find them amusing. I can hear Tony Bennett’s rendition of “Snowfall” playing in my head. Really saves on CD budget.

    • I found them under extras I think and they are only around until January something. If I let my computer sit on my blog they start to gather at the bottom. Their silly, I’m silly and since I can’t have them after January, I have to have them now. There was no reason to make Tony Bennett into my brain. 😉

  3. I’m in need of these extra skills on wp. I won’t even share my trying to upload pics today. Not successful. VERY EMbarassing

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