Prescription Madness

Have you ever had someone say to you “That’ll be $970” for prescriptions and actually say it without flinching?  Yup happened last week to me.  “Uhhhhhhhhh, no those must not be mine, try again.”  But yes they are mine and no I still don’t have them.

It seems my insurance was changed without me knowing and it now has a very highdeductible on prescriptions.  I would never had changed since I know how important my prescriptions are to me, considering I’m bipolar and they are my lifeline right now.  Giving my hubbys PR Guy a call, he says “This insurance is best for everyone at the company, you don’t need a referral!”  And he actually says this and is excited.  “No I’m sorry sir, this isn’t best for everyone! ”  So now I am waiting for my hubby’s company to send me the $970, and yes I am saying that seriously.  I wonder how long I’ll have to wait?  It’ll probably come when hell freezes over.

Is anyone out there Bipolar and is trying to live without what helps eleviate the randomness of it?  Holy crapola!  Talk about random racing thoughts!  This afternoon while cleaning the toilet, doing laundry, mopping a floor, and on hold for the insurance company, I found myself involved in three different thoughts….1).  Man how will I get that off the wall? 2).  Did I put his diaper back on?  and 3).  Who the hell am I on hold for?  This will seem normal but I never did get that off the wall, yes his diaper was on and I never did talk with anyone on the phone because I hung up to pace my kitchen wondering what the hell I was suppose to do next.  Normally my days run very well, WITH MY PRESCRIPTIONS!  I’ve decided to let the damn PR Guy have to deal with me, so I’m moving in Bubby!  Then he can figure out how to deal with a recovering alcoholic, bipolar, menstrating woman!  Oh yes, revenge!

4 thoughts on “Prescription Madness

  1. >>Is anyone out there Bipolar and is trying to live without what helps eleviate the randomness of it? <<

    I totally understand where you are coming from! I am 35 and was diagnosed with bipolar disorder this past fall. Right after my meds were started and was noticing a difference I lost my insurance for 3 months due to a leave of absence at work. Luckily, after talking to my doctor, he decided to give me enough samples to keep me stocked up until the insurance kicked back in a few weeks ago. My biggest challenge now is to remember to take them, especially after I’ve a had a few good days and am feeling “better”.

  2. Wow, so this is where it all began.

    Despite your features in the last line, I’m pretty sure moving in with that asshat would have been worse for you…

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